Traditional Indian Astrology and Numerology Solution
by 35+ Year Experts

My Vision is to create an experience joy in human being by becoming more aware of what your ‘spirit’ must express. Which will identify the patterns of timing in their life that reveal when to push forward and when to pull back in life situation. I want to see in human being the astrological and metaphysical principles by sharing and interacting with them. Making them understand value of relationship. To improve your relationship which is showing adverse in your horoscope like if Sun is badly placed relationship with Father is bound to be in trouble due to your Karma of past birth and how to improve your relationship with father to overcome bad placement of Sun. Similarly for other planets like Moon for Mother etc.
Now days some people think that astrology is only superstition. But these people forget that our ancestor of long ago were clever enough. They were wonderfully intelligent to calculate the clock on movement of sun, moon and star. This is not only science this is our science which was discovered by our saint 5000 years ago. It includes us to know our culture which is forgotten by the youngster.