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My Mission is to hold classes and seminars on Astrology that advance a student’s learning of astrology and other divine studies., It will develop and promotes a moving away from an event-cantered, predictive form of astrology to a focus on ‘astrology of meaning.’ which can develop and sponsor retreats and other specialized programs which enable a person to have a direct experience of one’s true nature or ‘Being.’ I want to make a link between the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality and astrology into one unified field don’t want to teach how you can help in cutting your bad Karma because of which we have taken births after births i.e. “Karma Katana” and instead of postponing Karma through various remedies like Tantra and Mantra i.e “Karma Talna”

My Vision is to create an experience joy in human being by becoming more aware of what your ‘spirit’ must express. Which will identify the patterns of timing in their life that reveal when to push forward and when to pull back in life situation. I want to see in human being the astrological and metaphysical principles by sharing and interacting with them. Making them understand value of relationship. To improve your relationship which is showing adverse in your horoscope like if Sun is badly placed relationship with Father is bound to be in trouble due to your Karma of past birth and how to improve your relationship with father to overcome bad placement of Sun. Similarly for other planets like Moon for Mother etc.

Now days some people think that astrology is only superstition. But these people forget that our ancestor of long ago were clever enough. They were wonderfully intelligent to calculate the clock on movement of sun, moon and star. This is not only science this is our science which was discovered by our saint 5000 years ago. It includes us to know our culture which is forgotten by the youngster.

I was born and brought up in a small town of Dhuri in Punjab. I did my Graduation from Chandigarh. In 1973 I joined State Bank of India and retired as Chief Manager in 2010, my last posting being at Chandigarh. During my 37 years tenure in SBI I was posted at various places in Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.
I have interest in this divine science right from my early age. As and when I had a chance to have its regular studies I did not miss that opportunity and joined ICAS in 1996 in June batch. passed out as Jyotish Vishard from ICAS in June 1998 by having two years’ intense studies in this subject. At that time I was posted at Rampur Bushar in Himachal Pradesh in Distt Shimla. During my stay there, a number of people visited my place to have astrological consultation and discussions. More than 100 horoscopes were predicted during my stay at Rampur Bushar after completing my Vishard. Same was the story when I was posted at Solan in Himachal. Then there was no looking back and I went in deep study in this subject thereafter. On my posting back to Chandigarh in 2008 I again joined ICAS for doing Bushan. Along with Bushan, I did a number of allied courses i.e Numerology, Vastu, Palmistry and Tarot Card Reading. I did Nakshtra Nadi course also under which predictions are steak and fast. I learnt Aura reading also.

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