All About Progeny

Om Gurve Namaha

Right Full Obligation Of mother:- 1. To check obligation of mother check Asc,4th house and 7th house.

  1. Figures of Indian Goddess also shows mother their breast full developed and contains lot of milk for child.

3.Buttocks of women should be well developed to carry the child in the womb successfully.

  1. Asc will general physical make up of person.
  2. 4th house will show the capacity to provide nourishing milk to child. It will also show the caring nature and affection to child.
  3. 7th house also shows physical capability of the women to bearing the child.
  4. The most imp planet connected with motherhood are Jup and Moon. For example Jup is in Asc and Moon in 4th house and Mer in the 5th house,it will show good effect as far as progeny is concerned. This also strength the relation between mother and child.
  5. If 5th house is afflicted that is most unhappy experience for mother.

Progeny in Rashi Chart:- 1. If weak Mar aspects 5th house there will be either abortion or Caesarean.

  1. Rahu mystifies the birth, mother feels she is carrying baby which later on turns out something else.
  2. Ketu in 5th shows the possibility of still birth.
  3. Aspect of Sat can create pathological symptoms and can also create some structural deficiency. Child bearing capacity of mother is seriously affected.
  4. When lord of 5th house is placed in 6th house or vice versa there would be no pleasure derive from children.
  5. When lord of 5th goes in 8th house health of children is in jeopardy.
  6. Lord of 5th in 10th house mother has to work hard “to establish child in carrier.” Success will not be according to efforts.

Riders:– Example No:- 1. If asc is Libra, Mar in 5th house in Aq and Sat is in the 4th house forming Sasa yoga, And Moon aspects Mar from the 7th house, there will  be no death or caesarean birth. On the other hand mother will have tremendous energy and will have many children.

Example No:- 2. Let us say Asc is Aries with retrograde Sat in 5th house in Leo aspected by Jup along with Sun and Venus ( Lord of 7th house but not combusted)in Sg from 9th house with 9th aspect, will not give any birth time difficulty, Because Jup is also associated with 5th and 7th lord. Aspect of such Jup is of immense value. Lady got two boys without any difficulty.

Example No:-3 Sometimes Jup can be in effective, if it is not strong and other adverse factors are very strong .e.g. Asc is Libra having Sun in 5th house in Aq, with Venus combust and Mer. Sat lord of 5th house is in 6th house, Mar is aspecting powerfully 5th lod Sat. Jup® lord of 6th aspects 5th house from 11th house from the House of Sun here as Sun is in house of Sat in Aq. Hence:-

1.As Lagna lord Venus is combust in 5th house. venues is the lord of lady’s affairs.

  1. 5th lord is in 6th house.
  2. 7th house is in papkartri yoga by Sat in the 6th house and Rahu in the 8th house.

4. Powerful aspect of Mar on 5th lord and 6th lord Jup on the 5th house.

As a result lady was unhappy as far as issues and domestic life is concerned. Mer in Sat house shows that she may be barren. Jup aspect from 11th house(Leo) on Sun and combust Venus and also aspect of Mar on 5th house, the lady affairs.

Hence Jup can not protect progeny unless strong and there is not much negative effect on progeny lords and houses.

Santan Yog:- It should be examined from 5th house from Asc and Moon along with Jup which is nasargika  karaka for progeny. Also do not forget to see Chara  PutraKarka.

  1. 5th house,5th lord and Jup if associated with benefic then there is Santan
  2. Asc lord in 5th and strong Jup is good for progeny.
  3. Strong Jup  aspected by Lagna Lord is good for progeny.
  4. On 5th house some aspect may be 25% of Mar and Venuse is basic condition for progeny.
  5. If lords of kendra and trikona  are benefic and at least one planet from them is in 5th house,secondaly 5th lord should not be in 6/8/12, and it should not be associated with melefics,combust and in inimical house.
  6. If 5th from Asc or Moon or Jup has benefic planet, 5th house is also aspected by benefic planet or its lord then there will be santan yog.
  7. If lagnesh and 5th lord are conjoined or in mutual aspect or both in own houses or in friends house or exalted then also there is santan yog.
  8. If lagnesh and panchmesh are in kendras with benefic planets and 2nd lord is strong then there is santan yog.
  9. Navmesh of panchmesh associated with benefics then there is Santan Yog.
  10. Lords of 5th ,7th and of LL in lagna.
  11. Strong Jup in 5th aspected by Lagnaesh or lords of 2nd and 5th.
  12. Sg or Pisces in 5th aspected by strong Jup.
  • Sighn in 5th house is Aries,or Taurus or Cancer and are on R/k axis then it is good for progeny.?
  1. In female horoscope Mer,Jup and Venuse combine in any house indicates many children.
  2. 5th lord is in 7th or 5th conjoins 7th lord, 5th lord is in sighns 2,4,6 or 7th , or 5th lord conjuct with or aspected by Venuse or Moon or Rahu.

Santan Prtibandhak Yog:- 1. Sehjesh and Moon in 1/4/6/8/10/12 houses.

2 . Sat in Leo,Mar in the 5th house and 5th lord is in 6th .

  1. Mer and Lagnesh are not in lagna but in any other kendra house.

4.Melefics in 5th,8th  and 12th shows Vans-Viched.

5  Melefics in 5th, 8th and 12th . Mer and Venuse in 7th house, and Jup in 5th house makes Vans Viched.

6.Melefics in Asc,Moon in 4th , lagnesh in 5th , and panchmesh is weak it shows Vans Viched.

  1. Venuse in 7th ,Moon in 10th and 3 to 4 melefics in 4th house shows Santan Pratibandhak Yog.
  2. Mar is in Asc,Sat in 8th and Sun in 5th Vans Viched.
  3. If the lord of 5th occupies 3rd ,6th or 12th house and is aspected by Melefics then the children of native will die early.

10 Kul Nash:- If all the melefics occupy 4th house or all Melefics are in 12th ,5th ,8th and 1st  house then persons family becomes completely extinct ( Dies).

Delay in Progeny:-

  1. Lagnaesh,Panchmesh and Navmesh if all the three are associated with benefics and are in trik houses i.e.6/8/12.
  2. Benefics in 10th and melefics in 5th shows santan pratibandhak or delay in progeny.
  3. Melefics or Guru in 4th or 5th and Moon in 8th then child in age of 30 years.
  4. Melefic sighn with melefics in asc, Sun is weak, and Mar is in even sighn,child after the age of thiry years.
  5. Moon in Cancer associated with melefics and Sun is aspected by Sat then child at the age of 60 years.
  6. Jup in 5th and Panchmesh conjoined with Venuse the child in age of 32 or 33 years.
  7. Jup and 5th lord in kendra child in age of 36 years.
  8. Jup in 9th and in 9th from Guru i.e. in 5th house Venuse with LL child at the age of 40 years.
  9. Rahu,Sun and Mar in 5th house Vans Viched.
  10. 1Panchmesh is deb., Navmesh in Asc and Mer and Ketu in 5th house shows children with difficulty.

Combination Of Having Adopted Children:-

  1. 5th house owned by Sat or Mer and aspected by Sat or Gulika.
  2. 5th lord is very weak and there is no relation between Lagnesha and 7th lord.
  3. Sat in 5th house in own sighn and aspected by Moon.
  4. Weak Moon in 5th conjucted or aspected by Mer.
  5. Lagnesha conjuct 5th lord in melefic place and aspected by benefics.
  6. 5th lord in 4th in an even sighn and in navamsa of Sat.
  7. 5th lord in 6th , 6th lord in 12th, or 12th lord in lagna.
  8. 5th house falls in Mercurian or Saturian sighn and under aspect of Sat and Mandi.
  9. Moon in 5th house or navamsa of Sat and associated with planet other than Sat.
  10. If there is Mar or Sat in 5th house and there is aspect of either of Sat or of Mar.

Sex Of Child:-  1. Lord of 5th house in odd sighns gives more sons , in even sighn more daighters. Male planets in 5th house gives more sons and female planet more daughters.

Male Issues:- Are indicated:-

  • 5th house falling in odd sighn and odd navamsa.
  • A strong male panchmesh is placed in odd navamsa.
  • Strong Jup placed in odd sighn and odd navamsa.
  • 5th house getting aspect and association of 5th lord or of friendly planets or of benefics.
  • Lagnesh and panchmesh placed in odd sighns.

Female Issues:- are shown by an even 5th house,  a weak 5th lord placed in even sighn and even navamsa and Jup placed in even sighn. 5th house in female sighn of Moon and Venuse with either of them, or getting their aspect gives daughter.There should not be any Saturian or Martian connections in this case.

  1. 4. (a) 5th lord in female rashi,female navamsa and in female star many daughters.

    (b) 5th lord in male rashi,male navamsa and in male star many sons.

  1. if lord of 5th is masculine,joins masculine sighn, combines in masculine navamsa “ First born child will be male.”

Procreative Power:– 1. The man’s strength for impregnation depends on Sun.

  1. The strength of semen depends on Venuse.
  2. The sound condition of ovary in female is shown by Moon.
  3. Fitness of ovum is shown by Mar.

The conception takes place when seed is healthy and soil is fertile.

For creative power in case of man Sun and Venuse should be in odd sighn and odd navamsa in male charts.

In female charts Moon and Mar should be in even sighn and even navamsa for creative power.

When the 7th lord is in nakshtra of Sat or Mer, and Sat, Mer are in their own constellation or Sat is in costellation of Mer and vice versa, or Sat Mer occupy weak places, then there is ,  “ No Creative Power.”

If nakshtra lord of 7th lord is weak ,pro- creative power becomes weak.

Lagna of female should be in trine to 7th house of male or 7th lord  is congenial for getting children.

There will be deficiancy in male chart to get children: If:-

1.Venuse is within 1° of Sun.

2.7th lord is with Venuse in 6th house.

  1. Venuse is severly affilicted in 8th house.

4.8th house, 8th lord and sighn scropio all the three are severly affilicted.

  1. 8th lord,Sun,Moon affilicted by R/k axis, Sat,Mer or they are in stars of these planets.
  2. There is close connection of Sat and Mer,Sun and Venuse,Sat and Ketu, and also these planets are in the constellation of Sat, Mer and Rahu or are posted in the sighn of Virgo or Capricorn.

There will be deficiency in getting children in female chart:-

  1. If Ketu is in 5th house or with 5th
  2. Lagna is in sighn of Mer and Moon is in trimsamsa of Sat.
  3. Saturian Lagna and Moon in trimsamsa of Mer.
  4. 7th lord in 6th house with Mar.
  5. Chandresh is in 6th with Mar or aspected by Mer.
  6. 7th lord in constelation of Mer or Sat – no procreative power if Sat and Mer are weak.

As Per Gemini:-Arudhas of 3rd and 9th house from lagna(A3 ande A9) and from Sun(As3 and As9) are informative to understand conception.

While Arudhas from Lagna will show the physical ability/ errors and those from Sun will indicate the strength of the life force/ Atma which enters the native.

Very Imp:-If there is weak Venuse in 8th from these Arudhas then the seed(Dhatu) will not be strong and person waste there abilty to conceive.

Weak Venuse:- 1. If it is in Virgo, means debiliated.

  1. If Venuse joins Mer.
  2. If Venuse joins melefics.

Sun placed in 2/12 or 6/8 from these Arudhas deny conception ability.

Dictum:- These four Arudhas neither should conjoin Mer and Venuse nor should be aspected by these.( Vedic remedy 401.)

Up-pada:- If up-pada or its trines associates with Mer,Sat and Venuse(All enemies of Jup) then Native spouse will have travel in conceiving.

Beeja and Kshetra Sphuta:-Though the 5th house may be strong and there may be all indications present for birth of children,there will be no issue if there is no strength or vitilty of beeja and kshetra sphuta. Beeja is the seed of male and kshetra is bed of women.

In other words Beeja and Kshetra sphuta represent , not only sperm and ovum, “but they represent the element which makes the male and female fluid fertile.”

If beeja and kshetra sphuta are not strong, when judged  as per all the astrological rules, then they will not bring any issues.

When the beeja(male) is weak and kshetra(female) is strong, then the children may be born late in life after taking necessary remedial measures.

The strength to cause pregnency in male is controled by Sun which is lord of vitality, if weak then give Remedy.

Venuse governs the semen,so in case of male these two Sun and Venuse must be favourable in the chart of male partcularly in odd sighns

Similarly in case of female Mar plays very important role and is responsible for quality and superiority of blood.

Moon controls strength to conceive and bear pregnency. Moon also regulates and control flow and cycle of mensuration.These two planets preferably should occupy even sighns.

Jup should be good in both male and female horoscopes.

Calculation of Beeja Sphuta:- Add longitudes of Sun ,Venuse and Jup including sighns,expunge multiple of 360 degrees. The sighn arrived at is. “ Beeja Sphuta” or longitude of Beeja Sphuta.

Calculation of Kshetra Sphuta:- Add together longitudes of Moon,Mar and Jup including sighns expunge multiple of 360 degress,the sighn arrived at is, “Kshetra Sphuta” or we can say longitude of bed.

In case  

,Add Longitude of natal planets


Resulting Sign/Navamsa   Results
males   Jupiter, Sun & Venus both odd  virility assured
   Expunging 12 signs odd/ even mixed results
even/odd doubtful
both even virility nil
females   Jupiter, Moon & Mars both even fecundity assured
   Expunge 12 signs even & odd children after
odd/ even great efforts
both odd fecundity nil


How to Study Beeja Sphuta or Beeja Kshetra

Very Imp:- 1. Lagnesh,benefics or lords of good houses in 7th or in trikona from beeja sphuta or from kshtera sphuta, “ Highly beneficial for progeny.”

  1. 2. These sphuta rashis should be free from the influence of melefics. Or off barren planets.

3.Rahu should not be in beeja sphuta or in 5th from it.

  1. 4. Beeja sphuta/Beeja Kshetra should be studied like any other planet. It should be placed in other relevant vargas D-7 and D-9

5.Their placement in 6,8,12 of horosscope is not good for progeny.

6.The lord of beeeja sphuta or kshetra sphuta should not be affilicted by melefics.

7.Beeja sphuta/kshetra sphuta should also not be affilicted by melefics.

  1. 8. It is good if lord of kshetra sphuta /beeja sphuta aspects kshetra sphuta/beeja sphuta.
  2. 9. Evil and impotent planets should not aspect these sensetive points nor should evil planets should occupy 5th from beeja or kshetra sphuta.
  3. 10. Kshetra or beeja sphuta should not fall in melefic sighn, “ Even when it is friendly”.

Warning:- Rahu should never join these sensetive points.

Factors compiled By Sh. Batish Ji:-

  1. Treat Beeja Sphuta and Kshetra Sphuta as planets and place it in D-1,D-7 and D-9 and check the oddity as described above.
  2. These should not be placed in 6/8/12 houses,their placement is good in kendras or trikonas.
  3. Aspect of Jup and benefics is good.
  4. Cnjuctions of Mer and Sat (Eunch Planets), And of Mar,Rahu,Ketu or of 8th lord is very bad,these should also not be in, “ Eunch Rashis” i.e. of Mer and Sat.
  5. Aspect of Sat,Mar, Rahu, Mer or melefics are not good for progeny.
  6. Lord of Beeja Sphuta should not be : Combust: Debiliated: or in : Pap- kartri yoga.
  7. Lord of beeja sphuta should not be affilicted.
  8. As already said if lord of beeja sphuta aspects beeja sphuta, it is very good.
  9. Warning:- Melefics in 5th or 9th from B/S reduces chances of pregnency.
  • Conjuction:- Of Rahu with, “ The beeja Sphuta is the biggest negative factor
  • Conjuction of Sat,Mar and Mer or in 5th from B/S is bad.
  • Placement of beeja –sphuta in even sighns,2,6,8,10 and in 3rd and 11 is very bad. Note Cancer is not included here.

Factor: Π:-

Venuse shows the potency and it is karka of semen.

Check its placement, and for melefic conjuction or associations or aspects in D-1,D-9 and


  1. Aspect or conjunction of Jup enhances the count in semen.
  2. Aspect or conjunction of Sat reduces the count.
  3. Aspect or conjunction of Ra/Ke decreases the count.


As per Jaimini Sutras Mer,Sat and/or Venues in Saptamsa lagna tend to deny children, Mer and Sat are eunuch planet and in D-7 lagna they deny fertility. If Venues is also associated there in D-7 lagna then the person has excessive sexual encounters so chances of progeny are depleted.

For female charts 9th house and for male chart 5th house should be considered for procreative success.

Sun.Jup,and Rahu in 9th indicates many sons.

Sun,Rahu,Jup and Mar are son giving planets ,if both child giving and child denying planets are present in D-7 lagna, child will born after some delay.

  1. If Mar and Sat are in 9th house in D-7, 1. Datta Putra is indicated.
  2. It may also indicate marriage with widow or divorcee who already has child from previous wedlock.

3 It can also Indicates begetting an child through an kinsman as the native may lack procreative ability or otherwise.

In the 9th house in D-7 chart if it is odd sighn there will be many children, if it is even sighn it shows few children.

For Male first progeny is from the 5th house and subsequent chidren are judged from 7th ,9th,11th till 3rd house. The next house should be 5th house but as we have started already from that house, then next house will be the 4th house and subsequent house will be 3rd from it and so on.

For female horoscope 1st progeny is from the 9th house and subsequent children from the lords of 7th, 5th ,3rd and so on.Above method is adopted here also.

Sun,Rahu,Mar and Jup are male planets.

Moon,Venuse and Ketu are female planets.

Sat and Mer are eunch planets.

Sex of Chid:-

If the lord of child joins an male planet or planet in exaltation then child will be male.

If lord of child joins a female planet or planet in debilitation then child will be female.

If the lord of child does not join any planet then dispositor of progeny lord will be considered, if it is male child is male and vice versa.


Effect Of parivartna:- If there is exchange of house between Saptamsa lagna lord and lord of any other house, counting will be based on whether the other Sighn is odd or even, not on the Sighn of Saptamsa lagna. For example:- Let us say there is Aries rising in saptamsa lagna, Mar goes to Virgo and Mer is in Aries in Saptamsa Lagna, then counting will be as per Virgo Sighn from 9th house. And first pregnancy will be seen from the 9th house.

If Lord of child associates with an planet, let us say Venues and there is parivartan of this planet with other planet say Sun, the influence of other planet i.e. Sun will be more dominant in determining the sex of child.(Cova 193)

However, if there is a parivartana of the lord of child with another planet, then the sex of the child, determined by the lord of the child is simply reversed. For e.g., if the lord of the child is Venus is placed in Leo, with Moon and the lord of Leo, Sun is placed in house of Venus, Taurus, then the sex of the child indicated by Venus in conjunction with Moon, i.e., Female, shall be changed to Male. It will be reversed although reversing may also show same sex but it will be reversed.

Exampl:- Cova 124 drekana of chart no 37:

Lord of 3rd brother Mer is in Ta,it is indicating sister, but there is exchange between Mer and Venuse,Although Venuse in Gemini indicates Sister, “ But here exchange is in Lords of pregnancy not in associating planets so sister will become brother.”

If lord of child is placed in the house of another child:-Then one of the children indicated by them will survive e.g. If the 5th lord is placed in 7th house,one of the children signified by 5th lord and the 7th lord will survive. However in cova guru ji has presented one more point while showing the use of Drekana for co-borns,where by when counting reaches  a sighn which houses another lord of child, the count crawla over to another sighn.

Example:-Drekana of chart no 35 cova 119

Cancer is lagna in drekana,counting reverse 3rd  house from canacer, Virgo will show the firsr co-born, Lord of Virgo Mer has gone to the another house of co-born in 7th house with debiliated Jup indicating immediate co-born sister.

Next co-born is sighn Scropio,whose lords Mar is in Ge and Ketu is in Virgo with Sun,Mar in Ge is Sister where as Ketu joins Sun shows Sister,so one brother and one sister has born.

Next is Makra as already Houses two sisters so therefore limit the child, shown by Mer and deb Jup so therefore should limit the co-born, since then number are higher so, “ Next sighn Aq will indicate the co-born.”

“This movement to the every third sighn and then if reqired crawling to the next sighn comes under Manduka Gati.”

Rider:When One Planet becomes lord of two houses of children:- If one happens to indicate more than one child, then 1st child will be shown by the lord of the child , and second child will be shown by the house of the child and planet placed there in.

Example:– When one of the children is indicated by Mar being lord of Scropio,  and next house of child happens to be Aries, Here Mar will not show the child because it has already given child as lord of Scropio, however Aries placed with Moon will show the sister. Have there been no planet then Aries will show Male birth.

Two Child lords placed together:- If two lords of child are placed together, then one of the children will survive. If the lord of 5th and 9th placed in same sighn then one among the children shown by them willl survive. However it is diifiucult to determine who among themselves will survive and can only be determine from practicle events.

Saptamsa lagna lord in Marana Sthana from lord of child
If Venus becomes the lord of Saptamsa Lagna, the issues indicated by the planets in the 8th from Venus cannot survive unless conjoins Ketu (Ganapati), as these issues will have Venus in the Marana Sthana (Reference). The same principle can be extended to other planets. Thus in case of Different Saptamsa Lagna, the placement of the lord of the child in the following places cannot survive.

Sun- 2nd

Moon- 6th

Mars- 7th

Mercury- 7th

Jupiter- 11th

Venus – 8th

Saturn- 1st

Rahu – 9th

Thus the principle states that if the Saptamsa Lagna lord is placed in a Marana karaka Sthana from the Lord of the child, then either the parent or the child survive, unless, there is a blessing.
Gati either changes or ends when it reachs one of the nodes,unless Jup is strong in the sapamsa.

In the male chart 5th house is controlling house of children and in female chart it is 9th house, thus 6th and 10th house respectivly are the marka houses. Hence their lords are marka lords, and should be analysed with respect to the houses of children and their lords. For example in male chart 5th lord verses 6th lord and in female chart 9th lord verses 10th lord and so on. From this we can analyse, ‘ Arista of particular child’.

If Lagna lord of D-7 chart is deposited in such marka places the person will not have inclination to have children.

Similaly if Lagna Lord of D-7 is in 8th house then the disease may delay or Hinder child birth.

Moon Is significator of mother, if it is weak in saptamsa chart it indicates inabilty of mother to carry the child.

Remedy:- See in which sapt-amsa rasa the Moon is deposited by consuming that particular rasa and reciting mother Godess,the mother can get potential to carry the child.

Chanting of Santan gopal mantra is more auspicious.

Where the lord of child is placed that should be taken lagna of child, if this lord has good relation with Lagna Lord of D-7 then relationship between parent and child will be very good.

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