Vastu for Houses


 Every house is East Facing house irrespective of what direction it faces.

Always ensure that east side of your house is perfectly clean .The God is in the East side .No garbage or waste items of the house should be dumped there. Make it maximum beautiful by planting flowers etc. on that side.

East/North side should be low height.

Vastu is a bridge between Human and nature. Vastu Shastra is based on directions whose Devta is Vastu Pursha.

NAME OF SIDE                   /             NAME OF DEVTA

  1. East Sun /Indra
  2. North East Shiv/Soma
  3. North Kubera
  4. North West Vayu Dev
  5. West Varuna
  6. South West Detya
  7. South Yama
  8. Agnia Agni
  9. Akash Ananta
  10. Pataal Vastu Purush
  11. Lofted Stories  Akash



 It is center place between covered areas.

What is Braham Nabhi

It is Center place between plot areas.

Caution —No stair case on Graha Nabhi.

  1. No basement below Brahma Nabhi.

Every house is East facing house. East is your D-1 of horoscope and North is your D-9 of your horoscope.

DICTUM: – See rooftop of your house even if it belongs to someone else. There should not be anything in North East of the roof top.

It can be on South West of the roof top.

If Wood on roof top than financial problem is must. It should not be there in any case even on projections. If that wood is damaged than financial crunch.

Note –If one has plot anywhere in the world that plot is associated with you one way or the other.

Some time you have query that earlier there was a profit at the shop but now over a period of time it has started giving losses although nothing was changed at shop. In fact such shop has Vastu Problems earlier too what due to Good Prarabhd of Owner of last births there was net income but now since His that luck is exhausted he is facing losses due to existing Vastu Dosha of Shop. Actual position has come before you.


If underground water tank in NE zone —-Good

If it is in South East Zone ———————-Bad

If it is in South ———————–Mental Sickness /Loss of Wife

If in South West Zone —————-Death of head of family.

If in the West ————Wealth comes but develops liking for spiritual science and worries increase about health.

If in North West ——-Unnecessarily enmity, theft, progeny effected and loss of wealth.

If in North————Excellent.

If in Center —————-Bankruptcy.

What is Vastu?

It is bridge between human and nature. It joins five Tatwas .This world is made of five Tatwas and human being has all the five Tatwas.

Plants —Have only one Tatwa.

Animal’s reptiles has — two Tatwa i.e. earth and water.

Flying birds have —-three Tatwa i.e. earth, water and Akash.

Animals having four legs have —four Tatwa i.e. Earth, Water, Fire and Akash.

Human being have —All the five elements i.e. Earth, water, Air, Fire and Akash.

Kitchen Vastu 

Kitchen is main part of house. See independently direction of kitchen irrespective the house facing direction.

Fire Elements—Micro wave, Ovens etc. should be on South side of kitchen.

Water Sank, water taps etc. on north side of kitchen.

Mandir in Kitchen allowed only if no non-veg is cooked and no chappal in kitchen.

No overnight used utensils should be kept in kitchen.

Normally fridge should not be kept in kitchen because it releases – negativity. It should either face East or North.

Storage of kitchen should be on South West side.

In North East ready to eat material like biscuits etc.

Never keep dustbin in kitchen.

Group 1—- i.e. North, North East and East of the house should always be low heighted, less heavy, clean, green and clear.

Group 2––i.e. West, South West and South should always be heavy, above heighted, junk storage, garbage etc. can be kept in this group.

This is Thumb rule in whole of Vastu be of rooms or otherwise.

East vs West (more heavy)

North vs South (More heavy )

North East vs South West (heavier)

North East should be cleanest.

Note: – If your kitchen is disturbed than your stomach is disturbed.

Vastu and Selection of Plot

1 Square i.e.  1:1 is the best.

  1. Rectangular 1:2 is better.
  2. Rectangular 1:3 is good.
  3. Rectangular 1:4 is fair.

If 1:4 size make two sections of the plot. Of 1:2 size each.

Take one silver wire i.e. is square ( Not round ) in shape of size of plot and one round copper wire and Moli of size of plot all equal to breadth of plot and now make three inch deep hole in complete breadth of plot and keep all three i.e. silver wire, copper wire and Moli in this hole and fill the same with cement and wazri and worship that place along with tools used by the Masson.

Important Note  :-  If any plot is extended than bisect that plot to make it either square /rectangular like we have done with silver ,copper wire and Moli. No construction is to be made on extended portion. If extended portion is in East use for garden and if in South use for Garbage.

No remedy for round plot /house.

The place which has been bifurcated with silver wire etc. should not be joined by lenter that can be joined by fiber glass only.


North East is the best place.

East   —-Better.


Principal for Puja Room Deva’s God’s photo on South West wall. While sitting in Puja you are facing East/North East.

Pyramid is must on Puja room.


You are supposed to do independent Vastu of your Master Bed Room.

No light from south/South West

Your South/South West side i.e. group II heavy.

North East portion of room light/Vacant

No photo of God /Kids in Master bed room.

Only couple photo at eye level on West/South / South West wall.

Your Bed with South/West wall so that while sleeping your feet on North/East side which ensures positive vibration enter from feet towards head. Ensuring sound sleep.

It is better if you don’t use bed boxes. If at all your bed is with boxes please ensure no utensils /Negative articles are kept in boxes. Only clothes can be kept in bed boxes. Never keep electric Gadgets / leather items in bed boxes.

Master bedroom in the South, South West direction and West direction .North East Corner Bed room may not be used by Elders.

Don’t plan any bed room in East /North East of the house.

It is best for the house owner or breadwinner should sleep in the Southwest room and in case if it is not possible to sleep in SW bedroom then he/she has to choose to sleep either at South bedroom or West Bedroom.

Master Bedroom should always be bigger than other rooms.

Cup Boards of Master Bed room 

 If it opens towards East/North East or North it is best. Even in case of cup boards of dressing room.

Now safe in cup board —If you are facing cup board your extreme right is the best place i.e. in south west direction. If cup board is facing west keep in South East if it is facing south than safe in South West direction.

Important Notes

1 Laughing Buddha Statue is not recommended in houses it is recommended in houses in China not in India.

  1. Get photo of your kids laughing framed and keep at the opening of main gate.
  2. North East corner of every room should be vacant.
  3. South West side fully covered and no light /Air from there.

Heavy curtains and keep it closed. Light from Sun rise to noon is Devta after that it is Agni Devta.

5 If your Master bed room is disturbed your sleep is disturbed .You will have hang over in the morning.

  1. Never keep medicines, Alarm clock, Water on bed side table keep it at a distance on feet side. If water is not away than super natural power can bother you.

7 . L E D / TV in bedroom is not recommended . If at all than it should be covered at night.

8 Any mirror in bed room should be covered at night.


It is Saturn in Vastu . It can be in group II only never in group I.

In multi-story buildings stair case/overhead tanks are neglect able.

It should always be in odd number i.e. 1,3,5,7,9,11 and it should always be in clock wise direction. It should not be in North East or anti clock wise.


1 Make even into odd.

2 If not possible ensure it has light 24 hours with white CFL not yellow light.

  1. Minimum one CFL at every floor.
  2. No bath room / Toilet /Water sank under stair case only store for waste material can be there.

5 Kitchen, Stair case, Toilets/Stores should not be in North East Zone.

6 2nd option for kitchen is North West/ South East.


1 It should be in south or South West corner.

2 Never on pillars. It should be on solid base.

3 It should be never in center.

4 The overhead tank should never leak.

5 It should be black in color.

6 Don’t locate in North East / South East. ( Loss of wealth )


  1. It should only be in East or North East.
  2. It should not be on drive way.
  3. It should not touch boundary wall of the house.
  4. It should never be in center it cause bankruptcy.
  5. If in west increases worries.
  6. North West loss of wealth.


  1. No bedroom in basement.
  2. No kitchen in basement.
  3. Puja Room not recommended.
  4. Meditation is ok in basement.
  5. Basement in group II is not recommended.
  6. It can be used for storage i.e. articles not required within 40 days.
  7. In group I basement can be used for entertainment.
  8. Bar Room can be in South West.

Aquarium in House

It can be kept in north with proper care.


 Drainage worst in SE

It is bad in South.

It can be in South West as no choice.

NOTE: — If it is a big plot you can leave two feet space around on East and North and make drainage through East. It has to be come out through E/N/NE.


 On every Diwali add one new coin of silver .Take one 500/- rs note and one, one rupee note and put Tilak on both and keep in your strong room.


 If toilet seat of your bath room is in north .Keep sea salt on all four corners of bath room at a height not visible to a person using toilet.


 Any road hitting the plot :-

SIDE FROM                      ZONE                       EFFECT

North                                NE                            Good

East                                 NE                            Good

South                               SE                            Good

South                               SW                           Bad

West                                SW                           Bad

West                                NW                           Good

North                                NW                           Bad


 1 Main door in NE corner       ——-Best

  1. In East ( Middle ) ——-Better
  2. Main Gate in SE corner ——Good
  3. Main Gate in South Middle —–OK
  4. Main Gate in South West Corner —-Worst


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